Vanguard Up To Its Old Tricks Again!

In the current time of uncertainty, one thing can be assured; Vanguard’s investment funds will be keenly priced.

Today, they have become even more keenly priced with reductions across the majority of the funds in which you are investing.

Now, I appreciate that a reduction from the already measly 0.13% per year to 0.11% (FTSE UK All Share Index) is no big shakes, but let’s give Vanguard credit for shaving a few pounds off their charges.

A list of all of the changes are as follows (for transparency, we always quote the total charges figure, rather than just the ‘ongoing charges figure’):

Fund Previous Annual Charge New Annual Charge
Emerging Markets Stock Index 0.30% 0.26%
FTSE UK All Share Index 0.13% 0.11%
FTSE UK Equity Income Index 0.32% 0.24%
Japan Stock Index 0.25% 0.18%
Pacific ex-Japan Stock Index 0.26% 0.19%

Our Comment

There’s not much to add except a thumb’s up from us.

Vanguard is always at the forefront of developments in the ‘passive/index tracking’ space and this type of positive action should give you continued confidence that you are entrusting your investments to a company offering uncomplicated funds which act in line with their published objectives.