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Creating Your Financial Plan

Meet and discover – We discuss your aspirations and prioritise your goals for the medium and long term.

Analyse and plan – We carry out a full audit of your current financial situation. We incorporate your aspirations, your income and expenditure, assets and liabilities as a first step towards creating a personalised Financial Plan.

Create – Then we will embark on creating your personal Financial Plan. Our approach incorporates cashflow planning, risk profiling and technical expertise, particularly in maximising all tax advantages. The plan determines how close you are to meeting your aspirations. We highlight any gaps in advance so that you have a chance to address them.

Realise – Having implemented your personal Financial Plan, you have the confidence and peace of mind that you can realise your aspirations, or know what steps are needed to achieve them.

Managing change within your Financial Plan

Financial Planning is a constantly evolving process. You cannot forget about your plan and leave matters to chance. Your plan will surely be affected by events, both personal and legislative. The conventional planning process simply adopts a linear approach, with a start and a finish. That contradicts our belief that Financial Planning never ceases.

With this in mind, we provide proactive support through our Financial Management Programme. We update you and keep your plan on track when things change.

Appraise – We review and discuss the potential impact of changes on your plans to identify any issues.

Re-evaluate – We re-assess your plan to determine how best to adapt to the changes.

Action – We amend the plan and implement any changes.

Realise – You can be confident that your plans are back on track and you can continue to realise your aspirations.

Transparent fee structure

We work on a transparent fee basis. This provides you with a clear, open indication of the charges we make. Our charges cover the initial planning process and the regular reviews that are essential to the achievement of your lifetime goals and aspirations.

Initial meeting
The initial meeting is an investment of your time and ours. The aim is to find out about your goals and discuss how we can help you achieve them. Such a meeting is offered free of charge, in our offices.

Planning and review meetings
We advise you in advance of our fees for developing and implementing your Financial Plan and holding review meetings. You can settle the fees directly or authorise us to deduct them from any contract that may be included within our recommendations.

Transparency – a basis for trust
We believe that trust is essential. There have been countless stories of people who trusted their advisers but have lost money as a consequence of incorrect or misleading advice, or a misunderstanding about the charges levied.

Please refer to Our Professional Fees schedule for more details.